About Us

We’re driven by a deep desire to help companies shine by creating truly distinctive brands.

Mylène Duguay
President-General Director
Josée Piédalue
Sandrine Henkinbrant
Marc Dufresne
Stéphane St-Denis
Micheline Morin
Stéphane Geoffrion
Vanessa Hébert
Vickie Emond
Jessy Monbleau-Lefebvre
Martine Bélanger
Yanick Vandal
Mylène Ebacher
Delphine Bourdet
Maria Sheink
Annie Larouche
Olivier Mathey
Delphine Piché


Audacity - Big and bold
Creativity that dares to go where anything is possible.
Excellence - Ever better
We reach higher to achieve peak performance and results.
Transparency - Authentically yours
Our lasting relationships are built on well-earned trust.
Fun - We love what we do
To us, there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as helping a brand succeed.


Creation is about giving life to something unique that will inspire, even into future generations.

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