Recreating the power of attraction.

Logistec operates marine terminals throughout the St. Lawrence Valley, the Great Lakes, the Far North and Western Canada, as well as in the United States as far south as Louisiana. With over 2,300 employees, the company is a pioneer in logistics, handling and intermodal transport in the country. Their annual report therefore had to reflect the solidity and innovation of this fast-growing company.


Innovation on land and at sea for a more sustainable future


For the past 70 years, Logistec has built a reputation for innovation, breaking new ground and setting higher standards through its management and activities. With nearly $1 billion in assets, Logistec is a well-diversified company offering a unique combination of marine and environmental services, with water being the core component. A respected leader in Canada, Logistic has increasingly gained new ground in the US. But our challenge was to use their 2021 annual report to promote those two distinct but related areas of activity, while highlighting their expertise in a clear, yet elegant manner.

An annual report that’s making waves


Our annual report clearly conveys Logistec’s distinctive personality and its commitment to sustainable development. With its title, A sustainable future on land and at sea, the report makes a firm statement of leadership, one that’s anchored in a management style that espouses ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) values. The cover also features a clear image of movement and strength in nature, while hinting at the company’s two main areas of expertise: land and water. The magazine-style layout creates an attractive, modern appeal that invites the reader to discover the company in greater depth.