7 Good Reasons to Revamp Your Visual Identity

1- Your company has evolved

Your visual identity is no longer aligned with your company’s reality and your current ambitions? You have experienced a transfer, one or more acquisitions, products and services that have evolved. Your brand identity is the first indication of modernity, innovation and professionalism in the eyes of all parties involved (customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders). Make sure that your visual identity is representative of the quality of the products and services that you offer.

2- Optimization of your logo on digital media

Your logo is difficult to recognize on digital media (social networks, email, cell phone, adapted website). The first window into a company is its website and its presence on social networks. We must make a good impression! You must adjust your logo to the reality of today’s digital world.

3- The competition is changing, advancing or renewing itself

Your visual identity does not stand out enough from the competition. You say you are innovative, but what about when compared to your competition? It’s time to modernize your image!

4- Simplicity for better recognition

Is your logo complex and difficult to decipher? Do people automatically understand its meaning? Do people notice it, remember it? To create an attractive, memorable effect and avoid any ambiguity, there is nothing like simplicity.

5- Your values have been defined over time

Have you already aligned your values and positioning with your visual identity? Is this reflected in your graphic charter? What emotions are expressed in your various communication tools or skills? Are you reassuring or bold? Are you serious or festive? Or all at the same time? You must be able to convey that visually!

6- Your target clientele has changed

Is your target clientele still the same? How has it evolved? Does your identity still evoke the same emotions in them?

7- Does your team recognize themselves?

Your best brand ambassadors are your colleagues and your collaborators. Do they recognize themselves and take pride in the company’s brand? Ask them to find out!

Key elements that will help you plan your brand identity redesign.
— Evolution or Revolution? Should we honour the past? If yes, a little, a lot or absolutely?
— Is your brand positioning up to date?
— Mission
— Vision
— Value
— Personality
— Target

Think about the emotion you want to convey.

Consider the story you want to tell.
— Do you know your competition?
— Survey your employees’ thoughts before you begin the process.