Redesigning the brand image of a grand golf club

It was a dream course: updating the brand identity of the renowned Richelieu Valley Golf Club while integrating two of its latest offshoots: the Academy and the Foundation, both of which will undoubtedly bolster the Club’s awareness within a wider target audience.

Given its solid brand equity in Québec’s golfing community, our team felt it essential to keep the original Club logo, created in 1965 by the renowned designer Georges Huel. What’s more, it seemed fitting to bestow the logo with a greater sense of legacy.

With that in mind, we chose a modernized version of a typeface that was widely used in the 60s. The choice was a tip of the hat to the well-established reputation of the Club and an added touch of youthful vigor to the overall brand identity. For the Academy, we used a different symbol-to-signature ratio to underscore the importance of the word Academy, evoking a younger, more mainstream style. The blue we chose for the logo is more vibrant, assertive and of the day. And the use of black enhances legibility, while adding a touch of elegance and timelessness to the whole. For the promotional elements, we remained clean, simple and chic, offering greater personality to the Club and its three divisions.

Overall, the concept bestows an image of professionalism, accessibility, and dynamic excellence to the Richelieu Valley Golf Club, creating a sense of a place where the golfing experience is alive and ever evolving.

A word about the Richelieu Valley Golf Club

This warm and family-friendly private club offers its members a prestigious experience backed by two magnificent championship courses and an outstanding cuisine that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.