Employer Branding

Employer Branding is every bit as important as a strong brand image itself. It not only helps you distinguish your brand clearly to potential employees, but it also generates significant impact on employee engagement and retention. The benefits are clear and well documented:

  • Decreased turnover
  • Acquisition / retention of the best talent
  • Optimized recruitment campaigns
  • Increased top of mind and visibility
  • Increased employee performance
  • Heightened sense of belonging among employees
  • Stronger, more solid brand image

Why create a separate employer brand?

Creating a strong employer brand is all about crafting meaningful employee experiences that bring your brand to life every day, in every way. It’s about communicating and offering employees initiatives and activities that are true to the company’s values and more importantly, that resonate and align with the employee’s own values and lifestyle. An authentic employer brand that’s true to its promise does more than just attract future candidates, it also lends itself to creating strong consumer perception of the brand and as such, has a direct, positive impact on the customer experience, while increasing the credibility of the brand’s leadership in its industry.

To be sure, as is the case with the corporate brand, building an employer brand takes time and sustained, consistent effort.

At Cabana Séguin, we define a brand as being the sum of all the various impressions communicated by a given product or service. These impressions come from hundreds of different sources, both internal and external, and often, the consumer isn’t even aware they are experiencing them.

Our team of seasoned professionals can help your company create a solid, coherent, human-centric employer brand, using a clear approach and methodology guaranteeing results that meet your strategic objectives. Your unique employee value proposition will be communicated in a creative, distinctive manner that’s true to your corporate brand. From there, it will be up to your employees to embody your employer brand and bring the rewarding employee experience to life.

Take a few minutes to evaluate your impressions of your own employer brand with our short self-assessment. It might just help you clarify your position on employer branding.

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