At Cabana Séguin, environmental responsibility permeates everything we do, from business management, the creative process, production and the solutions we offer our clients, to our daily work habits.

Some concrete actions
Studio employees have received training on “ecologically responsible graphic communication,” which encompassed several aspects of ecodesign:

· the integration of sustainable development principles upstream of brand, print and package creation;

· basics of the print and packaging life cycle, and alternatives in printing;

· environmental legislation and declarations;

· responsible sourcing.

Used and non-confidential documents, papers or cardboard are given to the day-care services of certain schools for the children’s arts and crafts. 

In the employee-run kitchen, we encourage the use of reusable materials. From cotton rags to compost bins, we use almost no single-use containers or linens in our offices.

In addition to regular recycling, reuse, recovery and resource-saving activities, where applicable, we systematically suggest to our clients solutions that contribute to better environmental management: the use of recycled paper and materials, FSC certification, water-based inks and reduced packaging.

Active and collective modes of transportation are encouraged and facilitated by Cabana Séguin, whose offices are accessible by public transit and nearby bicycle paths. Employees also have access to an in-office shower to freshen up after their active travel or after outdoor sports activities.


Social responsibility means promoting improvement in various areas, including relationships based on mutual respect with our customers and suppliers. Also, to foster a healthy working environment and balance for our employees, we invest in them, whether in the form of education, training or knowledge transfer. We motivate and encourage them to realize their full potential, and to stretch their personalities and creativity to the fullest. Group workshops on physical and mental well-being are regularly organized.

We are also involved within the community and help support a number of charitable organizations by creating and producing various communication tools for them at low cost or on a pro bono basis. As well, we make regular contributions to the fundraising campaigns of different organizations.

As a company with WBE (Women Business Enterprises) certification, we encourage female entrepreneurship as a means of attaining gender equality and empowering women and girls on their personal and career paths. Moreover, our positions are more than 50% staffed by women.

Several employees have received training on Web accessibility, thus allowing us to offer our clients the production of Internet sites or documents that meet government standards for Web access. This inclusive practice enables visually impaired individuals to access and make more effective use of online content.

For over 25 years, we’ve been offering the RÉAL-SÉGUIN bursary, in honour of one of the agency’s co-founders, but also to encourage the next generation and to promote excellence in our industry. The bursary is awarded to a graduate of UQAM’s graphic design program who stands out for the quality and originality of their work.


From an entrepreneurial point of view, the importance of ethical business conduct is crucial and fundamental. Conscious of our deep involvement in our clients’ business strategies, we impose on ourselves a line of conduct of impeccable professionalism. As part of our normal business process, the effects of such conduct take the form of a policy of confidentiality and complete transparency with our stakeholders. The result is our ability to develop solid long-term relationships with our clients, maintain a low turnover rate among our employees, and maintain a bond of trust with our suppliers.

We have implemented equitable and ethical business practices. We disclose our financial statements to our employees, and make sure our wage and bonus system is equitable.

In addition, we constantly assess cybersecurity risks and keep up to date on good practices for safeguarding the confidential data entrusted to us. Our processes include the diligent surveillance of digital communications.

We are WBE (Women Business Enterprises) certified and accredited by the Autorité des marchés publics (AMP), two bodies that rigorously review our sound governance and financial health.

Our desire to encourage concrete action towards a better world is sincere. We’re always on the lookout for new ways of doing things and best practices that can have a positive impact on the lives of everyone on our planet. 

Contact us if you have ideas to share, forward-looking projects to carry out, as partners or collaborators. We’re open for business!