Caféine Pushers

Creating dependence with stimulating campaigns.

Caféine Pushers, a brash, young Montreal company, was born of a special blend of two highly complementary people: a 50-year-old coffee master and a 30-year-old with a passion for selling high-quality goods. They’re both crazy about coffee and music, so they wanted a brand that would reflect that contagious energy. We created "trippy" packaging featuring playlists with music that sets the perfect mood for you to experience your favourite roast.

Liquid stimulation for clarity


Caféine Pushers was a new player in Québec’s roasted/ packaged coffee category. One of the primary communications goals was to create an identity that disrupted traditional coffee marketing by enticing consumers into transforming their daily dose of caffeine into a transcendent ritual, creating a universe where anything was possible.

A healthy dose of audacity.
A stimulating concept.


With its vivid, high-energy logo, our packaging design clearly conveys the idea that caffeine is the legal drug of choice for heightening your awareness. The use of an iconic eye, with its pupil dilated to the max and the flourish of red rays (think bloodshot eyes from fatigue, or the effects of illicit drugs) all combine to give the logo a provocative and highly distinctive appeal, with the overall brand identity artfully adapted throughout all packaging.

To incite greater daily consumption, each coffee blend is paired with a Spotify playlist curated by Caféine Pushers, featuring a code on the label driving consumers to new musical worlds crafted to help them reach nirvana.

This project was recognized by an international jury for its edgy, avant-garde design during the 14th Annual Grands Prix du Design awards.

Category : Brand identity creation and logo design

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